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About Strong In Spirit Ministries
It's what Jesus said in
Matthew 23:26...

First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside will be clean as well.
Everybody Has A Broken Heart Because The Past Isn't Over Yet
Nobody has reached the age of 2 without having their heart broken. Science has demonstrated that the child in the womb picks up and feels all the feelings, fears and hurts that the mother feels and experiences. Her wounds are your wounds; her joys are your joys; her broken heart is your broken heart. Furthermore, nobody has grown up in a family with perfect parents without any disappointment, wounding or heartache. And certainly no one has ever made it through Junior High without having their heart broken no matter who they are!

                                                  So, what do you do with a broken heart?

Broken Heart
The list of ways to cope is endless but the end result is always the same because coping is just the application of emotional pain medication to help dull the pain you feel. The problem is that emotional pain medication never healed anyone physically or emotionally. If you have cancer and only take pain meds for it, the cancer kills you 100% of the time. The same is true with medication for unhealed emotional pain. That's why I say, there's no hopin' in copin'!
You learned to cope with the pains of rejection, abandonment or ridicule that broke your heart just like you saw your parents, friends and classmates cope with their pains putting bandaids on it by stuffing it deep down inside, blaming others for it, rationalizing it away, or living in denial about it.
It's Much The Same With Your Broken Heart
As Rudolph Bourne so powerfully puts it, The past isn't over yet.” Indeed, it is not. Ask a Vietnam war vet. Or a woman who was raped. Or a drunk who killed a car-load of innocent people. The reality is that all of the pain you've ever experienced is still alive deep inside your heart – polluting your thinking, attitudes and life with its toxicity. It's the proverbial iceberg that is mostly buried underwater.
That's partly why at some level or another, you're still 'broken' inside. And it's one huge reason why you're not experiencing the abundant life Jesus spoke about. How can you be bleeding emotionally, or be content just medicating your pain, and experience a healthy, whole life? You can't – and won't. And it will always be that way unless and until Jesus heals your heart, because neither time nor coping can heal a broken heart – only Jesus can. After all, He's the Manufacturer of your heart – and He wrote the owner's manual!
One way Jesus heals broken hearts is through what I call Transformation Ministry. The other part of this ministry is getting Freed To Live. Traditional  counseling is its secular counterpart, but it's much different than counseling is because in Transformation Ministry, Jesus does the healing in an amazing, miraculous and nearly painless way!

Earth Heart
Really? What Have People Said About Heart-Healing?
* Thanks to Transformation Ministry, my soul is prospering, my life is being transformed.
I'm a work in progress
– on my way to a Masterpiece. I am no longer a victim who is
carrying false burdens and guilt. The disappointments of the past can no longer hide the face
of God. I have a measure of peace and freedom that I have never known before. There is
now a lot more room inside me for His presence and His higher purpose; praise God!

* Thanks again for the life-changing ministry you led for my daughter and me. Life seems
very different since that day, especially in the realm of not having to do battle all the time with so many voices inside me. Other people who know nothing of my Transformation experience are telling me they are seeing a positive difference in my life as well. Thanks again! – Mary

For a number of additional testimonies of how God has healed the broken-hearted, see
                                   Transformation Ministry Testimonies.
Want To Know More?
Check out the one page description of Why Transformation Ministry? Then if you're interested in digging a little deeper into how God's Word underlines this reality, read The Biblical Basis For Transformation.
For those interested in more, see What You Hate You Will Emulate Or Create and Spiritual Warfare Prayers.

Ready To Take The Next Step?
Want to pursue this further? Then check out the second half of Transformation Ministry Freed To Live. Or if you have any questions, contact Pastor Bruce Koester at or, or by phone at 423.201.9552.
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