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A Strong In Spirit Day Is Dawning Upon You...
Strong In Spirit
Strong In Spirit
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Strong In Spirit
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About Strong In Spirit Ministries
Ready To Become Super For God?
You give your body a workout, how about your spirit?
What Is Strong In Spirit – Tell Me More
The Strong In Spirit message is based on Strong In Spirit lives of Jesus, John and Paul (Luke 1:80, 2:40, Ephesians 3:16) – three men who radically changed the world because of their tremendous inner strength. This message comes in two forms. First there is the Strong In Spirit Book you can read, and secondly there is the one day (or spread over multiple days) Strong In Spirit Conference you can attend (or host). Both will change your life forever. How?
  * It'll help you flourish in life instead of just function and thrive in life instead of just survive.
  * It'll equip you to live a life of fearless boldness for God – like Jesus, John and Paul did.
  * It'll help transform 'good in spirit' believers into Strong In Spirit believers who will rise up
     and become everything God intends for them to be.
  * It'll help you live out your destiny in life instead of your history – by encouraging you to
     step out of your fear-based comfort zone.
  * It'll help you live in such a way that you'll be able to say I finished it (your destiny), at the
     end of your life, like Jesus and Paul both did (John 19:30, 2 Timothy 4:7).


Thumbs Way Up
Strong In Spirit Conference
What Are Other People Saying About This Experience?
Powerful, life-changing things like...
  * The Strong In Spirit message is eye-opening; I've never looked at life this way before!
  * This is such a powerful and vital message – the core of what we really need to live in
      victory and serve our Master! 
  * It has opened up my heart like no other Conference has ever done.
  * I knew it was going to be great – but wow, WOW – it was powerful!!
  * Being at the Conference was one of the best days of my life – it was simply amazing!
  * This is the most anointed, 'of God' message I've heard in a long, long time. 
  * This isn't all – check out What So Many Others Are Saying about the Strong In Spirit
       Read how this message changed my own life - I Never Knew Life Could Be This Good!   

Interested In Learning More?  Check Out...
  * The 6 minute Video Intro to the Conference, the Strong In Spirit Flyer, the Strong In Spirit Conference Overview and the
     Strong In Spirit Conference Outline.
  * The new book, Living The Strong In Spirit Way, and view the stunning Book Cover.
  * The Living The Strong In Spirit Way book Discussion Questions to stimulate your thinking for personal or group study.

Thinking About Hosting A Strong In Spirit Conference? 

See Frequently Asked Questions & Hosting A Strong In Spirit Conference.
Then contact Pastor Bruce at or
Or call at (423) 201-9552. 

Bottom Line
The Strong In Spirit Conference is a positive, powerful and insightful biblical message that is truly pan-denominational in nature, as the Strong In Spirit Conference Outline indicates. In fact, the Conference has been warmly received by everyone who wants to grow in faith and confident obedience to Christ whether they come from main-line denominations or independent, evangelical or charismatic churches – all are blessed by it!

I'm so confident of the power and value of this message that I offer a Double Your Money Back Guarantee. At the end of the Conference, if for any reason you don't believe it was worth your time, simply let Pastor Bruce know and he'll double your entry fee back, no questions asked. So far there have never been any takers!


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